About Us

About Us

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Brenchleys proudly serves as the exclusive distributor for groundbreaking chemical technologies in Queensland & New South Wales, focussing on the construction industry. But we’re not just any distributor; our products stand out for their exceptional efficacy, unparalleled safety features, and staunch commitment to environmental sustainability.

Specialised Green Cleaning Solutions

Our catalogue offers a tailored range of acid-replacement cleaning solutions, designed to meet the unique demands of both the industrial and construction sectors. These are not your run-of-the-mill cleaners. What sets them apart is their proven ability to outperform traditional, harsh chemical cleaners like acids, caustics, and solvents.

Safety and Environmental Credentials

What truly distinguishes our products is their safety profile. Classified as non-dangerous goods, these cleaning agents are non-corrosive, which means they won’t damage your equipment or surfaces. They’re also non-irritant on skin—making them safe for your workforce. But that’s not all; they emit no harmful fumes and are categorised as non-hazardous. This makes them incredibly easy and safe to transport or store, giving you peace of mind on multiple fronts.

Eco-Friendly Stance

We know how important environmental stewardship is in today’s world. That’s why our solutions are eco-friendly, allowing you to minimise your carbon footprint while still getting the job done efficiently.