Product: QuartzGuard #1010


Discover Superior Protection with 1010 ColorTrete QuartzGuard

1010 ColorTrete QuartzGuard is a superior quality mineral stain ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its high durability ensures it withstands harsh weather conditions on exterior surfaces and resists high-traffic wear and tear on interior surfaces. Suitable for a variety of surfaces including concrete, brick, and stone, QuartzGuard provides a protective and decorative finish that lasts for many years, maintaining the aesthetics and integrity of your structures.


Features and Specifications of 1010 ColorTrete QuartzGuard

Feature Description
Type Opaque silicate dispersion stain.
Application For interior or exterior use on absorbent mineral-based surfaces like brick, stone, concrete, block, and mortar joints.
Hiding Capabilities Offers excellent hiding capabilities, producing a completely uniform finish.
Customization Can be diluted up to 20% with 1050 PrimaSil to adjust viscosity for specific application needs.

1010 ColorTrete QuartzGuard is designed to enhance and protect a variety of masonry surfaces, providing a durable, decorative finish that withstands environmental elements and heavy use. This mineral stain is ideal for maintaining the aesthetics and durability of your structures.

Additional information

Size/Colour Options

Base Colour 18.795L, Designer Colour 15L, Base Colour 4L, Designer Colour 4L, Sample Pot All Colours 30ml

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