Product: SiLazur #1020


Enhance Your Surfaces with 1020 ColorTrete SiLazur

1020 ColorTrete SiLazur is an exceptionally resilient mineral stain engineered for both interior and exterior applications. Being semi-transparent, it enhances the aesthetics of the surface, embellishing its natural character while providing a protective layer. The result is an authentic, natural-looking finish that enhances rather than masks the original surface texture and nuances. This stain is highly praised for the way it harmoniously merges with the material, creating a finish that looks as if it’s organically part of the substrate. It can be used on various surfaces including concrete, brick, and stone, providing a decorative durable finish that lasts for many years.


Features and Specifications of 1020 ColorTrete SiLazur

Feature Description
Type Semi-transparent silicate dispersion stain.
Application For interior and exterior use on absorbent mineral-based surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, block, and mortar joints.
Customization Can be diluted with 1050 PrimaSil to increase transparency and allow natural variations in the finish. Promotes a natural appearance.
Color Options Available in over 150 standard colors; custom color matching available to suit specific design needs.

1020 ColorTrete SiLazur is designed to enhance and protect a variety of masonry surfaces, providing a durable, decorative finish that withstands environmental elements and heavy use. This mineral stain is ideal for maintaining the aesthetics and durability of your structures, making it an invaluable choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Additional information

Size/Colour Options

Base Colour 18.95L, Base Colour 4L, Designer Colour 15L, Designer Colour 4L, Sample Pot All Colours 30ml

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