Product: Barratec 20L


Enhance Masonry Maintenance with Barratec Brick and Masonry Cleaner

Barratec Brick and Masonry Cleaner is Australia’s safest and most potent green acid replacement, specifically designed for cleaning and restoring brick and masonry surfaces. Powered by SynTech, the world’s only patented acid replacement technology, Barratec ensures effective cleaning without the hazards associated with traditional acids. This innovative solution is perfect for professionals and homeowners seeking a powerful yet safe method to rejuvenate their brick and masonry without compromising on safety or environmental responsibility.



Key Features and Applications of Barratec Brick and Masonry Cleaner

Feature Detail
Safe and Powerful Employs SynTech technology to deliver the cleaning power of traditional acids without the risks, effectively removing mortar smear and efflorescence from all brick types.
Eco-Friendly Environmentally responsible formulation that is safe for both users and the surroundings, making it suitable for both professional and DIY projects.
Wide Application Versatile cleaner for face bricks and various masonry surfaces, capable of handling diverse cleaning tasks.
Usage Instructions For general cleaning, apply Barratec to the affected areas, allow to act briefly, then rinse thoroughly with water. Use protective gear and adhere to safety protocols.
Safety Information Powerful cleaning action similar to Barracuda 10K without harmful effects. Protective eyewear and gloves recommended during use.
Environmental and Disposal Considerations Formulated for environmental safety and easy breakdown. Dispose of according to local regulations, with recycling recommended where possible.

With Barratec Brick and Masonry Cleaner, ensure thorough cleanliness and safety of masonry surfaces, enhancing their appearance while maintaining environmental integrity.

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