Product: EzyClean Black Aerosol Graffiti Remover


Looking for a Safe and Effective Graffiti Remover? Choose EzyClean Black Aerosol

EzyClean Black Aerosol is your trusted companion in the fight against graffiti. Perfect for all smooth surfaces, this aerosol delivers quick action and impressive results without the risk or hassle.


Key Features of EzyClean Black Aerosol

Feature Benefits
Safe and Non-Flammable Classified as NON DG and NON FLAMMABLE, ensuring it is safe for storage and transport.
Odor-Free No odor, making it ideal for use in confined or poorly ventilated areas.
Polycarbonate/Perspex Friendly Safe to use on sensitive surfaces like Polycarbonate and Perspex without causing etching.
Compact Size The handy 200gm can is easy to store and carry, always ready for use.
Effective Coverage Can remove up to 40 graffiti tags, offering significant value per can.
Simple Use Just spray on and wipe off; no need for complicated processes or waiting times.
Wet on Wet Application Allows for continuous work without the need to pause for drying, enhancing efficiency.

Why EzyClean Black Aerosol Stands Out

EzyClean Black Aerosol is uniquely designed to offer an effective solution to graffiti removal while prioritizing safety and convenience. Its formulation ensures that even the most sensitive surfaces can be cleaned without damage, making it a versatile tool for public spaces, transportation facilities, and more. The aerosol’s quick action and easy application mean that graffiti can be tackled immediately, maintaining the appearance and integrity of your spaces without fuss or harmful chemicals.

Whether you’re dealing with graffiti on public infrastructure or in confined spaces, EzyClean Black Aerosol provides a reliable, safe, and easy-to-use solution that gets the job done right. Keep your environment clean and graffiti-free with confidence and ease.

Additional information

Size/Colour Options

2.5L, 5L

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