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Introducing Cementaid Calcure Type B

Introducing Cementaid Calcure Type B, a cutting-edge, water-based curing compound designed to fully harness the effective properties of concrete without the need for external coverings or the application of water. This specially formulated solution ensures that the integrity and bond of subsequent applications, such as toppings, render, or linoleum tiles, remain unaffected, providing a seamless transition from curing to final finishing.


Key Features of Cementaid Calcure Type B

Feature Details
Effortless Application Designed for ease of use, allows for liberal application through spraying at a rate of 1 litre per 5-7 square metres, immediately after initial concrete set.
Bond-Friendly Forms a clear, colourless membrane that retains moisture and does not compromise the bond of subsequent toppings or renders.
Adaptability Perfect for surfaces used as working platforms during curing, or vertical surfaces where labor costs are high. Ensures compatibility with future surface treatments.

Application Recommendations

For best results, use a Rega Pneumatic knapsack spray equipped with No. 9, 10, or 11 fantail nozzles to ensure even and thorough application.

Important Considerations

Calcure Type B may show some loss in curing efficiency compared to products complying with AS 3799 or ASTM C309 standards. For high-efficiency curing, consider alternatives like Cementaid CALCURE CR or CALCURE C30.

Ideal Usage Scenarios

Suited for projects requiring subsequent surface treatments or where traditional curing methods are impractical. This includes working platforms, applications of toppings or renders, vertical surfaces, and remote locations.

Embrace Cementaid Calcure Type B for Your Next Project

Select Cementaid Calcure Type B for a hassle-free, efficient curing process that prepares your concrete surfaces for the next phase of construction without compromising quality or durability.

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15L, 205L, 1000L

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