Product: Calcure C30 15L



Key Benefits and Applications of CALCURE C30

Aspect Detail
Efficient Curing Seals the concrete surface to reduce moisture loss, enhancing the curing process and ensuring a high-quality finish.
Strength Enhancement Improves tensile and compressive strengths, reduces drying shrinkage, and increases resistance to cracking.
Long-Term Durability Lowers concrete porosity and permeability, which enhances durability and longevity.
Application Ideal for surfaces requiring efficient curing, especially where traditional methods are impractical. Also used as a de-bonding agent with two coats applied at right angles.
Dosage Apply at a rate of 5 square meters per liter as soon as possible after concrete finishing or form removal.
Specification Instructions Include in project specifications: “All concrete shall be cured with CALCURE C30 at a rate of 5 sqm per liter immediately after finishing or form removal.”
Storage and Handling Store out of direct sunlight. Has a maximum shelf life of 3 months. For application, use suitable pneumatic spray equipment and clean with water post-use.

CALCURE C30 is an essential curing compound for concrete projects, promoting faster curing times and enhanced durability. Its application ensures consistent performance, particularly in challenging environments, making it invaluable for ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of concrete surfaces.

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