Product: Calcure CR 15L


Introducing Cementaid CALCURE CR

Introducing Cementaid CALCURE CR, a high-efficiency concrete curing membrane that simplifies the concrete curing process with its single spray application technique. This advanced formula is specifically designed to retain moisture within fresh concrete surfaces, ensuring optimal curing without the need for external covering or continuous application of water. CALCURE CR stands out as a testament to innovation in concrete technology, providing a practical and effective solution for achieving durable and long-lasting concrete surfaces.


Product Highlights of Cementaid CALCURE CR

Feature Details
Efficient Application Engineered for easy application, CALCURE CR requires only a liberal spray, covering approximately 5-7 square metres per litre, ensuring efficiency and preventing pooling.
Special Formulation Features chlorinated rubber that seals the concrete surface, retaining moisture necessary for high-efficiency curing and complying with AS 3799 and ASTM C309-66 standards.
Versatile Use Cases Recommended for trafficked surfaces during curing, enhancing resistance to dusting and simplifying cleaning. Ideal for various concrete applications.

Precautions and Recommendations

  • Flammable: Use under well-ventilated conditions, avoid smoking and naked flames. Adhere to safety guidelines in the MSDS.
  • Application Tools: Use a Rega Pneumatic knapsack spray with specific nozzles; clean equipment with Xylol or similar solvents.
  • Compatibility and Limitations: Compatible with Cementaid ROKITE PR, but avoid use with surface hardeners like DIAMITE to ensure effective penetration.

Enhance Your Concrete with CALCURE CR

CALCURE CR is ideal for achieving a “sealed-look” finish on concrete surfaces, offering high durability and aesthetic appeal. Note that subsequent renders or toppings will require the removal of CALCURE CR for proper bond.

Choose Cementaid CALCURE CR for a Superior Curing Experience

Opt for Cementaid CALCURE CR to streamline your concrete curing process and guarantee a finish that stands the test of time, whether for commercial, infrastructure, or residential projects.

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