Product: Calform Cream 15L


Introducing Cementaid CALFORM CREAM

Introducing Cementaid CALFORM CREAM, your premier choice for ensuring the longevity and preservation of forms used in architectural concrete projects. As a specialized form primer and conditioner, CALFORM CREAM has been meticulously designed to protect and enhance a wide range of absorbent materials such as sawn timber, pressed wood, and other porous surfaces, setting the stage for flawless concrete casting.


Key Features of Cementaid CALFORM CREAM

Feature Details
Deep Penetration Engineered to penetrate deep into new formwork to safeguard against distortion and ensure structural integrity for repeated use.
Splinter Resistance Resists the transfer of splinters from sawn forms into the concrete, ensuring a smoother and more aesthetically pleasing concrete surface.
Broad Application Recommended for all new forms of smooth timber, sawn timber, pressed wood sheets, rope, and any porous material used for concrete forming.


Apply a liberal amount of CALFORM CREAM to your forms several days before use to allow full penetration and conditioning of the material. Ensure that any surplus cream is removed before forming to prepare the surface for concrete casting.

Important Considerations

CALFORM CREAM serves as a form primer and conditioner, not a form release agent. After initial treatment, forms should be treated using Cementaid CALFORM NX Form Release Agent or CALFORM WB Water-Based Form Release Agent to ensure long form life and a high-quality architectural finish.

Elevate Your Architectural Concrete Projects with CALFORM CREAM

Incorporating Cementaid CALFORM CREAM into your preparatory process enhances the durability and appearance of concrete structures. Its formulation preserves form integrity and improves the quality of finished concrete, making it essential for construction projects that prioritize precision and excellence.

Choose Cementaid CALFORM CREAM for a Flawless Foundation

Opt for Cementaid CALFORM CREAM to ensure a flawless foundation in your next architectural endeavor, and witness the transformation in the quality and longevity of your concrete forms.

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