Product: Calform NX 15L


Elevate Your Off-Form Concrete Finishes with Cementaid CALFORM NX

Elevate the standard of your off-form concrete finishes with Cementaid CALFORM NX, a specialized form release agent meticulously engineered to prevent the adhesion of concrete to forms and handling equipment. This innovative product is the key to achieving flawless, high-quality off-form concrete finishes, significantly reducing the occurrence of bug holes and enhancing the overall aesthetic and structural integrity of concrete surfaces.


Product Highlights of Cementaid CALFORM NX

Feature Benefits
Optimised Application Efficiency Designed for ease of use, whether sprayed or brush applied, covers 13 to 20 square meters per liter, varying by formwork material. Promotes sparing use to avoid excess or pooling.
Enhanced Surface Quality Interacts with the alkali in cement to create a water-repellent film, facilitating smoother finishes and protecting formwork against detrimental wetting, drying, and cement adherence.
Longevity and Maintenance Preemptive application recommended before storage; subsequent application advised if reused after a week to ensure performance.

Recommended Uses

Ideally suited for A-Grade off-form concrete finishes, versatile for all formwork types and tools frequently in contact with cement.

Application Caution

  • Apply sparingly to avoid waste and pooling which could affect finish quality.
  • Pre-Treatment for Timber: Preliminary application of Cementaid CALFORM CREAM recommended for rough or sawn timber to protect against deformation and resist staining.
  • Compatibility with Other Products: Ensure concrete surface is free from fine powder residue before applying curing compounds like CALCURE B.

Maintenance Tip

Consider application on aluminium or steel frames exposed to concrete or mortar splashes to protect against damage, keeping formwork in top condition.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Concrete Finishes with Cementaid CALFORM NX

Choose Cementaid CALFORM NX for your next project to simplify the demoulding process and achieve unparalleled surface quality and durability. This form release agent exemplifies Cementaid’s commitment to innovation, providing practical solutions for achieving the highest standards in concrete finishes.

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