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Introducing Cementaid Everdure Caltite

Introducing Cementaid Everdure Caltite, a groundbreaking Hydrophobic Pore-Blocking Ingredient (HPI) that is revolutionizing the way we approach concrete construction. Designed for heavy-duty applications, Everdure Caltite ensures your concrete structures are not only waterproof but also protected against corrosion, without the need for traditional membranes, tanking, or surface treatments. This product is perfect for all concrete structures that face water under pressure and/or severe damp/wet conditions, including those exposed to marine environments, reclaimed land, or sulphate-bearing soil/groundwater. It’s also ideal for concrete floors and toppings subjected to acids or other aggressive materials.

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Product Highlights of Cementaid Everdure Caltite

Feature Benefits
Membrane-Free Solutions Enables construction of waterproof concrete roofs and jointless floors without separate membranes or tanking systems, preventing leaching/salt stains.
Customizable Protection Allows customization of protection levels in concrete mixes, enhancing durability and water resistance with a controlled [water+CALTITE]:cement ratio.
Hydrophobic Matrix™ Creates a uniformly hydrophobic matrix that expels water, salts, and acids, enhancing durability and resistance under hydrostatic pressure.
Versatile Applications Suitable for a wide range of applications including basements, swimming pools, and marine environments, providing long-term maintenance-free service.
Ease of Rectification Facilitates easy rectification of placement flaws through grout injection, ensuring continued performance despite construction imperfections.

Choose Cementaid Everdure Caltite for Lasting Durability and Waterproofing

With over 50 years of proven performance, Cementaid Everdure Caltite is your ultimate choice for constructing fully waterproof and durable structures. It stands as a testament to innovation in concrete technology, offering time and cost savings over traditional methods. Opt for Cementaid Everdure Caltite for a future where your concrete structures remain dry, durable, and intact.

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