Product: AQUAPEL 15L


Elevate Your Concrete’s Performance with Cementaid AQUAPEL

Elevate the performance of your concrete with Cementaid AQUAPEL, a premier Hydrophobic Pore-blocking Ingredient (HPI) engineered to significantly enhance the water resistance and durability of concrete structures. This innovative formula is designed for both professional and DIY applications, offering an easy-to-use solution for a wide range of construction needs.


Key Features of Cementaid AQUAPEL

Feature Benefits
Advanced Hydrophobic Technology Utilizes HPI technology to create a barrier against water absorption, protecting concrete in damp or wet conditions.
Versatile Application Suitable for floors, substructures, water-resistant screeds, and renders; ideal for bathrooms, showers, and exterior surfaces.
Enhanced Durability Reduces water absorption by 70-80%, increasing the lifespan of structures in harsh environments.
Workability & Ease of Use Enhances the workability of the mix, making the concrete easier to apply and more efficient in use.
Environmentally Conscious Provides a durable waterproofing solution that upholds ecological standards.


  • General-purpose concrete floors or substructures in contact with damp or wet ground.
  • Marine or acidic environments requiring enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Water-resistant screeds and renders for bathrooms, showers, and exterior areas.
  • Any construction project demanding high durability and resistance to water and moisture ingress.

How to Specify

Incorporate AQUAPEL into your concrete mix at a rate of 1 litre per 40 kg of cement (or 8 litres per cubic metre of concrete) to achieve optimal performance. For renders and toppings, adjust the rate to up to 1500 ml per 40 kg of cement, with water content tailored to maintain desired workability.


AQUAPEL-treated concrete may emit a slight ammonia odor when wet; ensure proper ventilation during application, especially in sensitive environments.

Transform Your Construction Projects with Cementaid AQUAPEL

Choose Cementaid AQUAPEL for unparalleled water resistance, enhanced durability, and ease of application, ensuring your structures withstand the elements over time.

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