Product: PrimaSil #1050


Maximize Stain Effectiveness with 1050 ColorTrete Primer

1050 ColorTrete is a versatile and transparent primer designed for use with mineral-based stains. As a conditioner, it is specifically crafted to prepare and treat surfaces, ensuring they are in the optimal state to receive the stain. This primer serves to improve the adhesion and longevity of the finish, helping to yield a more uniform and durable result. Whether you are dealing with interior or exterior surfaces, 1050 ColorTrete ensures that your staining projects achieve the highest quality outcomes.


Features and Specifications of 1050 ColorTrete Primer

Feature Description
Type Mineral-based primer for highly absorbent surfaces.
Function Promotes a more consistent finish on unevenly absorbent surfaces.
Color Milky white in color, but dries clear to maintain the natural appearance of the substrate.

1050 ColorTrete Primer is designed to enhance and prepare surfaces for mineral-based staining projects. It ensures optimal adhesion and uniformity of the stain, which is particularly beneficial for surfaces with varying levels of absorbency. The clear drying feature maintains the natural aesthetics of the surface, making it ideal for various applications where appearance is crucial.

Additional information

Prim Size and Colour

Primer/Thinner 18.795L, Primer/Thinner 15L, Designer Colour 4L, Sample Pot All Colours 30ml

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