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Cementaid DIAMITE: Revolutionizing Concrete Surface Protection

Cementaid DIAMITE emerges as a revolutionary solution, designed to fortify and protect concrete surfaces from the harsh realities of erosion, wear, and severe abrasion caused by heavy traffic, fork lifts, and other intense uses. It’s the ultimate answer to enhancing the durability and lifespan of floor surfaces across industrial settings, effectively eliminating dust emission from concrete surfaces while significantly increasing their resistance to chemical and acid attacks.

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Product Application and Specification for Cementaid DIAMITE

Process Step Details
Surface Preparation Surface must be clean, dry, and at least fourteen days old. Double application of DIAMITE is required, with each layer partially drying between applications (1-3 hrs).
Coverage Total coverage not less than 1 litre per 2 square meters, split between two applications.
Post-Application Cleaning 4 to 6 hours after the second application, thoroughly wash the surface with water and scrub using a Stiff Birch Broom or Mechanical Scrubbing Machine to remove excess efflorescence.
Curing and Drying Time New concrete floors should cure for 2-4 weeks and be allowed to thoroughly dry before DIAMITE treatment.

Unmatched Durability and Protection

Abrasion tests show a 400-600% increase in hardness for treated floors, creating a synthetic quartz that is permanent and compatible with additional treatments for corrosion and stain resistance.

Ideal Use Cases

  • All industrial flooring environments.
  • Floors that endure severe abrasion, heavy traffic, and potential acid spillage.

Important Considerations

Do not use membrane curing agents on areas designated for DIAMITE treatment. Ponding or water spraying are recommended curing methods to prepare the surface for DIAMITE application.

Enhance Your Concrete Floors with Cementaid DIAMITE

Choosing Cementaid DIAMITE means opting for unmatched protection and resilience for your concrete surfaces, ensuring they withstand the rigors of industrial use. For professional application services and further assistance, contacting Cementaid is recommended to ensure your floors receive the best possible protection.

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