Product: Driwal P6 15L


Protect Your Surfaces with DRIWAL P6

DRIWAL P6 is your go-to solution for safeguarding concrete, brick, stonework, and certain painted surfaces from weathering, staining, and mold. This specification-grade product ensures your building’s exterior remains in top condition without altering its natural texture or appearance.


How DRIWAL P6 Works and Its Application

Surface Type Coverage Rate
Cement/Lime based paints, Pressed clay brickwork/pavers 1 litre per 5.0 sq. metres
Texture and wire cut bricks 1 litre per 4.5 sq. metres
Concrete and cement render 1 litre per 3-6 sq. metres
Concrete block 1 litre per 2-3 sq. metres
Fibro cement roofing and cladding 1 litre per 3.0 sq. metres
Sandstone 1 litre per 2.0 sq. metres
Mt. Gambier Stone, W.A. Limestone 1 litre per 1.5 sq. metres
Terracotta or cement tiles 1 litre per 5.0 sq. metres

The Impact of DRIWAL P6

DRIWAL P6’s modified silicone chains chemically bond with calcareous materials to create a water-repellent and sterilized surface that still allows the material to breathe, effectively protecting for 8 to 14 years and significantly reducing moisture penetration.

Ideal Uses for DRIWAL P6

  • Natural masonry surfaces
  • Fibro cement roofs and cladding
  • Exterior concrete surfaces
  • As a primer for exterior paintwork or over “green” cement for urgent finishing after rendering

Choose DRIWAL P6 for Lasting Protection

With DRIWAL P6, your building’s surfaces stay protected from the elements and look great for years. It’s an easy-to-apply solution that maintains the natural beauty of your building while offering long-lasting defense against the elements.

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