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Need a Safe Graffiti Remover for Painted and Delicate Surfaces? Choose EZYCLEAN BLUE

EZYCLEAN BLUE is the perfect solution for removing unwanted graffiti from non-porous surfaces without damaging them. It’s specially formulated for use on painted surfaces, laminate, glass, colorbond, plastic, and more. Ideal for cleaning traffic signal boxes, street furniture, council bins, post boxes, and playground equipment, EZYCLEAN BLUE is the safe and effective choice for maintaining public and private properties.

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EZYCLEAN BLUE: Your Go-To Graffiti Remover for Sensitive Surfaces

Feature Benefits
Efficient Coverage Approximately 6-8 square meters per liter, maximizing the value of each application.
Citrus-Based Utilizes natural citrus ingredients, making it effective and eco-friendly.
Easy Cleanup Tools and brushes can be washed with cold water, simplifying the cleanup process.
Quick Acting Acts within 3-5 minutes, significantly reducing waiting time.
Wet on Wet Application Allows for the application of a second coat without waiting for the first to dry, enhancing efficiency.
Superior Wetting Agent Stays 60% wetter than other products, ensuring thorough and efficient graffiti removal.
Trusted by Professionals Developed from over 45 years of graffiti removal expertise, trusted for delivering consistent results.
Environmentally Friendly Biodegradable and neutralizes upon rinsing with water, safe for the environment.

Ideal For

  • Removing graffiti from non-porous painted surfaces, laminate, glass, Colorbond, and plastic.

EZYCLEAN BLUE: Safe, Effective, and Eco-Friendly Graffiti Removal

Choose EZYCLEAN BLUE for a graffiti remover that’s tough on marks but gentle on surfaces. Whether you’re tackling graffiti on public infrastructure or private property, EZYCLEAN BLUE offers a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly solution. Its quick action, ease of use, and professional-grade results make it a must-have for anyone facing graffiti challenges.

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