Product: EzyClean Red Graffiti Remover


Looking for an Effective Graffiti Removal Solution? Try EZYCLEAN RED

EZYCLEAN RED is the top choice for councils, contractors, and anyone looking to remove graffiti quickly, efficiently, and without harming the surface or the environment. It’s designed to tackle tough graffiti from spray paint, markers, and inks on brick, masonry, concrete, stone, and other non-painted surfaces.

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Feature Benefits
High Success Rate Boasts a 98% success rate in removing graffiti, ensuring effective cleaning.
Superior Wetting Agent Stays 70% wetter than competitors, even under Australia’s hottest conditions, reducing waste and enhancing product efficiency.
Fast Acting Works quickly to remove graffiti, requiring less product and water for rinsing.
Easy to Apply Can be applied with a brush or broom, simplifying the application process.
Professional Results Achieves professional-grade results, restoring surfaces confidently.
Contractor Approved Developed with over 45 years of combined experience, trusted by professionals.
Environmentally Friendly Biodegradable and neutralizes when rinsed, minimizing environmental impact.


Covers approximately 4-6 square meters per liter, maximizing usage efficiency.

Ideal For

  • Bare brick
  • Masonry
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Other non-painted surfaces

Choose EZYCLEAN RED for Hassle-Free Graffiti Removal

EZYCLEAN RED is not just a graffiti remover; it’s a professional solution designed for effective and swift graffiti removal without damaging the underlying surface or the environment. Whether you’re facing graffiti on urban or historical sites, EZYCLEAN RED provides the assurance and efficiency needed to restore surfaces to their original condition.

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