Product: Graffe-X 15L


Discover the Ultimate Solution for Surface Protection: GraffeX* Anti-Graffiti Impregnation

Discover the ultimate solution for preserving the pristine appearance of your interior and exterior surfaces. GraffeX* Anti-Graffiti Impregnation offers unparalleled protection for natural or architectural concrete, masonry, and render surfaces against graffiti, ensuring your spaces maintain their original charm and value.


Key Features of GraffeX* Anti-Graffiti Impregnation

Feature Benefits
Invisible Protection Leaves no visible change to surfaces, maintaining their natural appearance and texture.
Advanced Penetration “Super-slippery” molecules penetrate deep and bind chemically to substrates, allowing surfaces to breathe.
Graffiti Resistant Double impregnation technology resists graffiti paints, enabling easier cleaning.
Durability Provides lasting protection—approximately 5–7 years for exterior surfaces and 8–10 years for interior applications.
Surface Preservation Protects against efflorescence, pollution, dirt, grime, and resists mould and fungus growth.
Ease of Maintenance Simplifies the removal of graffiti without ghost marking or residue.
Water Repellent Enhances resistance to wetting, safeguarding from moisture damage.
Versatile Application Suitable for a wide range of masonry and concrete surfaces.

Preparation & Application

Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry, and free from contaminants. Apply GraffeX* in two flood-on impregnations using a brush, roller, or low-pressure sprayer for maximum effectiveness. Coverage varies by surface porosity, generally ranging from 2 – 6 m² per litre per coat.


GraffeX* is flammable. Use in well-ventilated conditions, away from open flames. Avoid contact with sensitive areas or vegetation.

Transform Your Space with GraffeX* Anti-Graffiti Impregnation

With GraffeX*, protect your spaces while keeping their natural beauty intact. This invisible, powerful protection ensures that your surfaces remain as good as new, no matter what challenges they face. For optimal results and safety, adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions closely.

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