Product: LB9


Enhance and Protect Your Surfaces with Cementaid LB9 Glazing Liquid

Cementaid LB9 Glazing Liquid emerges as a superior solution for sealing and protecting external concrete surfaces, including car parks, driveways, and architectural masonry, as well as a variety of other materials like brickwork, pavers, roof and wall tiles, and limestone. This product is meticulously designed to offer long-term protection while accentuating the natural beauty and color of the treated surfaces, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both durability and visual enhancement in their outdoor spaces.


Application Instructions and Specifications for Cementaid LB9 Glazing Liquid

Application Step Details
Surface Preparation Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and free of contaminants. Perform a comprehensive brush-down to remove all loose foreign material.
Application Rate Apply in one or two coats. First coat: 4-5 m² per litre. Second coat (if needed): 6-8 m² per litre, with a 2-6 hour interval between applications.
Equipment Use Apply using a brush, short nap lambswool roller, or low-pressure knapsack spray. Clean equipment with solvent-based thinners like Xylene.

Enhanced Safety and Maintenance

In high-traction areas, integrate Cementaid CALGRAINS into fresh concrete during placement or use LB9 Non-Slip Grade for existing surfaces. This enhances safety without compromising surface quality.

Key Benefits of LB9

LB9 offers a high gloss impregnation and surface sealer that enhances the natural color of masonry and tiles, provides UV stability, and protects against efflorescence, staining, and corrosion. Its effective life spans 12-15 years on exterior vertical surfaces and 5-8 years on trafficable slabs.

Compatibility and Pre-Treatment

Fully compatible with Cementaid CALCURE CR. Surfaces treated with DIAMITE should be cured with water or damp methods for optimal preparation.

Where LB9 Is Recommended

Perfect for concrete floors, car parks, driveways, pavers, and architectural features, as well as brickwork, limestone, and school or kindergarten walls. LB9 provides durable and aesthetic protection to enhance and preserve outdoor spaces.

Important Considerations

LB9 is an acrylic resin-based solution, ideal for outdoor use due to its UV stability. For indoor or covered areas, consider Cementaid ROKITE. Always maintain clean surfaces to preserve the integrity and appearance of treated areas.

Transform Your Outdoor Spaces with Cementaid LB9 Glazing Liquid

Choosing Cementaid LB9 Glazing Liquid not only protects surfaces but also enhances their natural beauty, ensuring longevity and robust protection. It is the ultimate choice for those looking to achieve a superior finish and reliable surface protection.

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