Product: Ezyclean Pink Graffiti Shadow Remover


EzyClean Pink Graffiti Shadow Remover 5L

Say goodbye to stubborn shadows and stains left after graffiti cleanup with our revolutionary EzyClean Pink Graffiti Shadow Remover. Dubbed as “magically brilliant,” this product is your ultimate solution for eliminating unsightly marker and texta remnants that cling to surfaces such as concrete, stone, granite, and painted areas.



EzyClean Pink Graffiti Shadow Remover Features

Feature Benefits
Professional Results Delivers outstanding cleaning performance that effectively removes shadows and stains from surfaces like concrete, stone, granite, and painted areas.
Water Efficiency Uses 60% less water in the rinse-off process compared to competitors, promoting environmental sustainability.
Wet On Wet Application Allows for continuous application without waiting for the first application to dry, enhancing efficiency and ease of use.
Full Neutralization Once rinsed, the product fully neutralizes, ensuring no harmful residues are left behind, making it safer for the environment and the user.

Prepare to be amazed by the professional results and a final outcome that speaks volumes about your maintenance prowess. EzyClean Pink not only assures a pristine clean but also champions environmental responsibility, fully neutralizing once rinsed and leaving no harmful residues. Ideal for handling challenging cleaning tasks without compromising environmental integrity.

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Graffiti Remover

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