Product: Rapidard 15L


Accelerate Your Construction with RAPIDARD*

RAPIDARD* is your go-to solution for achieving high early strength in concrete, enabling quick stripping of formwork and early use of concrete structures. Perfect for large pours of concrete floors, RAPIDARD* allows finishing to closely follow placement, ensuring efficient and timely project completion. This high-performance additive is ideal for projects requiring rapid development of strength to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.


Key Benefits and Applications of RAPIDARD*

Aspect Detail
Accelerated Strength Significantly reduces time to reach normal concrete strength, ideal for rapid project turnaround.
Enhanced Workability Increases concrete’s workability and allows for reduction in water content, facilitating smoother applications.
Versatile Application Suitable for various concrete projects, particularly in cold weather or where rapid access after placement is needed.
Dosage Ranges from 3/4 to 2 liters per bag of cement, depending on desired strength acceleration.
Strength Results Achieves normal 7-day strength in as little as 2 days and 28-day strength in 6-7 days with maximum dosage.
Setting Time Reduces initial setting time by about 30% to 50% based on the dosage, with potential adjustments using set retarders.
Recommended Uses Ideal for large concrete floor pours, early stripping of concrete structures, non-reinforced precast elements, and quick-setting repair putty/mortars.

Transform your concrete projects with RAPIDARD*, which delivers superior strength and workability for efficient and economical construction. It is especially recommended for applications requiring quick completion or early use of the concrete structure.

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