Product: Rapidard CF 15L


Optimize Concrete Performance with RAPIDARD CF*

RAPIDARD CF* is a high-performance, chloride-free accelerating admixture designed to enhance the setting and hardening of concrete while providing a plasticising action. This green-coloured liquid is ready to use and ideal for a variety of concrete applications, especially in cold weather conditions or projects requiring fast setting and high early strength. Its unique formulation accelerates the concrete curing process without the use of harmful chlorides, making it a safe and effective choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Key Benefits and Specifications of RAPIDARD CF*

Aspect Detail
Fast Setting Achieves high early strength, ideal for rapid construction needs like shaft sinking and emergency repairs.
Cold Weather Performance Enhances setting, strength gain, and heat evolution, reducing the impact of frost damage.
Reinforcement Protection Provides long-term corrosion inhibition for ferrous reinforcement.
Plasticising Action Reduces the water/cement ratio by 5-8%, improving workability and strength.
Application Ideal for precast production and cold weather projects. Added to gauging water for even mixing. Fresh concrete should be covered immediately after placement to conserve heat.
Dosage Typically 3-6% of cement content, adjusting based on required acceleration and temperature conditions.
Storage Store in sealed containers in frost-free conditions away from direct sunlight. Shelf life of up to 12 months.
Packaging Available in 5, 20, and 205-liter containers.

With RAPIDARD CF*, accelerate the performance and durability of your concrete projects. This admixture is especially effective for ensuring quick setup and robust early strength development under a variety of conditions, making it a versatile choice for many construction scenarios.

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