Product: Riverine PP Pine FJ 2.7 Lining board


Inspired by the rolling mountains surrounding Ormiston Gorge in the Northern Territory, Porta Contours in Riverine add natural warmth, texture and movement to any room.

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With its consistent tongue and groove joint, Riverine can be used in conjunction with any other Contours profile to create a unique design. Riverine is also suitable for curves down to a 1000mm radius. For tighter curves, down to a 300mm radius a matching corner bead is available.



Product Code LINA7821
Profile Type Low Profile
Profile Size 91x21mm
Width 91mm
Depth 21mm
Length (species dependent) 0.9, 1.2, 1.8, 2.4 & 2.7m
Cover 78mm
Species Engineered American Oak, Tasmanian Oak, Clear Pine, Pre Primed Pine
Suitable Finishes Varnish, Stain or Paint
Suitable Uses Interior, Straight & Curved Applications
Fire Hazard Group (AS 5637) 3

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