Product: Rokite PR Clear 15L


Cementaid ROKITE PR: Advanced Concrete Protection Technology

Cementaid ROKITE PR stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of concrete protection, offering a robust solution against stains and corrosion. Designed for both new and old concrete floors, this impregnation and sealer excels in shielding surfaces from a myriad of potential stains and corrosive agents, including oils, grease, fats, lubricants, sugars, lactic acids, soft drinks, and mildly acidic or caustic solutions. ROKITE PR ensures your floors not only remain visually appealing but also maintain their integrity against daily wear and tear.


Product Application and Specification for Cementaid ROKITE PR

Application Process Details
Surface Preparation Ensure floors are clean, dry, and have aged at least 14 days. Apply using a brush, short-nap lambswool roller, or low-pressure spray. Coverage: 1 litre per 5 – 6 square metres.

Enhanced Durability and Safety

For floors exposed to heavy traffic and acidic solutions, a prior application of DIAMITE enhances abrasion resistance. For non-slip requirements, integrate CALGRAINS into new concrete or use ROKITE PR Non-Slip Grade for existing floors.

Key Benefits

ROKITE PR seals concrete pores up to 3mm deep, enhancing durability, simplifying spill cleanup, and extending the effective lifespan by 2 to 3 times compared to untreated surfaces. It also enhances the color depth and appearance of concrete floors.

Where to Use ROKITE PR

  • Car parks
  • Motor and electrical workshops
  • Storage and warehouse floors
  • Meatworks, dairy, or food processing factories
  • Ice-cream plants, sugar terminals, etc.

Considerations and Compatibility

Pre-treatment with DIAMITE is recommended for floors in acidic environments. ROKITE PR is compatible with Cementaid CALCURE CR but may interact differently with other curing membranes. Note potential slight discoloration under prolonged sunlight exposure; LB9 may be a better option in such scenarios.

Elevate Your Concrete Floors with Cementaid ROKITE PR

Opting for Cementaid ROKITE PR means choosing top-tier protection and aesthetics for concrete floors. This treatment offers a reliable, cost-effective solution for maintaining pristine and durable surfaces across various demanding environments. For the best results and specialized application services, contacting Cementaid is recommended.

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