Product: Rokite Colour 15L


Introducing Cementaid Colour ROKITE: Advanced Concrete Protection and Enhancement

Introducing Cementaid Colour ROKITE, a groundbreaking corrosion and stain-resistant impregnation combined with a trafficable coloured sealer, specifically crafted to protect and enhance both new and old concrete surfaces. This product stands as a testament to Cementaid’s commitment to innovation, offering an exceptional solution that not only preserves the structural integrity of concrete floors but also significantly boosts their aesthetic appeal.


Application Guidelines and Specifications for Cementaid Colour ROKITE

Process Details
Surface Preparation Ensure floors are clean, dry, and free from contaminants. Pre-dampen and acid-etch with a hydrochloric acid solution, then rinse and dry thoroughly.
Application Rate Apply evenly in two or more coats. First coat: 1 litre per 5 – 6 square metres. Subsequent coats: 1 litre per 7 – 8 square metres.
Additional Treatments Consider DIAMITE pre-treatment for high-traffic or acidic conditions. Add Cementaid CALGRAINS for non-slip, high-traction surfaces.

Key Benefits and Effects

Colour ROKITE combines coloured pigments with toughened plastic and rubber resins in a penetrating solvent, creating a deep-sealed surface. This facilitates easy cleanup, enhances durability, and improves the aesthetic appeal of concrete floors. Expected life span is 2 to 3 times that of untreated surfaces.

Recommended Use Cases

  • Car parks, workshops, factories, storage areas, and food processing floors.

Maintenance and Re-application

Periodic re-application may be needed in high-traffic areas to maintain colour intensity and gloss. Surfaces should be textured to optimize colour-wearing characteristics.

Precautions for Optimal Outcomes

Adhere to proper curing methods and ensure the removal of any existing coatings that could impede penetration. Avoid application in direct intense sunlight or windy conditions to ensure a flawless finish.

Elevating Concrete Floors with Cementaid Colour ROKITE

Cementaid Colour ROKITE offers unmatched durability and aesthetic appeal, combining functionality with style. For detailed application services or further assistance, contacting Cementaid is highly recommended.

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