Product: Sanafoam


Optimise Cleaning with Sanafoam

Sanafoam is a highly effective cleaning and sanitizing solution, formulated with a potent combination of liquid chlorine and surfactants, enhanced with an alkaline booster. This powerful mixture is designed to tackle a wide range of sanitizing and cleaning tasks, making it an essential tool for maintaining hygiene in various industrial and commercial environments. Its robust formulation ensures thorough cleanliness and sanitation, ideal for areas requiring stringent hygiene standards.



Key Features and Applications of Sanafoam

Feature Detail
Powerful Cleaning Action Enhanced with an alkaline booster to break down tough stains, grime, and organic matter efficiently.
Effective Sanitizing Utilizes liquid chlorine to kill a broad spectrum of pathogens, ensuring hygienic conditions.
Versatile Use Suitable for use in transport coolers, fish processing facilities, abattoirs, animal holding areas, and public washrooms.
User-Friendly Application Can be applied manually or through automated systems, adaptable to various operational needs.

Usage Instructions: Dilute Sanafoam as required for specific tasks. Apply to surfaces and allow sitting for effective sanitization before scrubbing or rinsing. Ideal for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in critical environments such as food processing and animal care facilities.

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