Product: SILICON S50 15L


Protect and Enhance Your Surfaces with SILICONE S50

SILICONE S50 offers a top-notch solution for safeguarding a wide array of masonry surfaces against moisture, weathering, staining, and mold. Ideal for concrete, brickwork, and more, it not only protects but also enhances the natural beauty of the surface, making it perfect for various environments, including harsh marine conditions.


How SILICONE S50 Works and Its Application

Feature Details
Water-Repellent Barrier Prevents rainwater penetration, especially under wind-driven conditions, with a powerful blend of Silicones and Acrylic Glazing Liquid.
Finish and Aesthetics Enhances the natural color of masonry without creating a glossy finish; a second application can provide a slight glaze or “wet look”.

Recommended Surfaces for SILICONE S50

  • Concrete blocks and cement render
  • Pressed clay brickwork and pavers
  • Texture and wire cut bricks
  • Fibro cement roofing and wall cladding
  • Sandstone and Mt Gambier Stone
  • Terracotta or cement tiles

Application Coverage

For optimal results, follow these coverage rates:

  • Pressed clay brickwork/pavers: 1 litre per 5.0 sq. metres
  • Texture and wire cut bricks: 1 litre per 3.5 sq. metres
  • Concrete and cement render: 1 litre per 3-6 sq. metres
  • Concrete block: 1 litre per 2-3 sq. metres
  • Fibro cement roofing and cladding: 1 litre per 3.0 sq. metres
  • Sandstone: 1 litre per 2.0 sq. metres
  • Mt Gambier Stone: 1 litre per 1.5 sq. metres
  • Terracotta or cement tiles: 1 litre per 5.0 sq. metres

How to Specify SILICONE S50

For effective weatherproofing, specify SILICONE S50 for all relevant exterior masonry surfaces. Ensure the area and type of masonry are clean and dry before the single flooded application. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended coverage rates for optimal protection.

Choose SILICONE S50 for Enhanced Protection

SILICONE S50 stands out for its ability to preserve and protect, while enhancing the natural texture and appearance of masonry surfaces. Whether protecting against the elements or maintaining the aesthetics of architectural features, SILICONE S50 delivers lasting results and peace of mind.

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