Product: SuperPlasetet F 15L


Enhance Concrete Performance with Cementaid SUPERPLASTET ‘F’

Elevate your concrete projects with Cementaid SUPERPLASTET ‘F’, the ultimate solution for achieving high early and ultimate strength without compromising on quality. Designed to prevent retardation and excessive slump loss, this additive eliminates the need for harmful materials like chlorides or triethanolamine. Whether you’re working with site-mixed or ready-mixed concrete, SUPERPLASTET ‘F’ ensures superior performance and durability, making it ideal for a wide range of construction applications.


Key Benefits and Applications of Cementaid SUPERPLASTET ‘F’

Aspect Detail
Exceptional Strength Increases concrete strength by up to 80% in just 24 hours and 40% in 28 days.
Enhanced Workability Creates highly workable, flowable, and pumpable concrete, reducing placing time and labor costs.
Water Reduction Reduces water requirements by up to 30%, minimizing shrinkage and cracking.
Economical Construction Speeds up turnover of precast elements and reduces heating costs, enabling faster construction processes.
Dosage Varies from 500-700ml per 100kg of cement for normal applications to 800-1,500ml for high range water reduction.
Application Areas Ideal for precast concrete, early stripping/loading of in-situ concrete, all site-mixed concrete, and specialized toppings.
Specification Instructions Include in project specifications: “All specified concrete areas shall contain Cementaid SUPERPLASTET ‘F’ in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.”

Transform your concrete projects with the superior strength and workability of Cementaid SUPERPLASTET ‘F’. Order now for more efficient and economical construction!

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