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Experience Advanced Cleaning with Viper

Viper is an innovative, eco-friendly masonry cleaning solution designed to effectively remove concrete, grout, mortar smear, calcium, lime, efflorescence, and rust. Powered by SynTech, a patented organic acid replacement technology, Viper offers a safer, non-toxic alternative to traditional acid-based cleaners. Its unique formulation not only ensures effective cleaning but also prioritizes environmental safety and user health, making it an ideal choice for various cleaning needs in sensitive and non-sensitive environments alike.

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Key Features and Applications of Viper Cleaning Solution

Feature Detail
Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Biodegradable within 10 days, Viper ensures minimal environmental impact.
Non-Corrosive and Non-Fuming Safe on a wide range of construction materials, including sensitive surfaces like COLORBOND® and glass.
Multi-Purpose Application Ideal for bricks, blocks, concrete, pavers, tiles, and various masonry surfaces.
Safe and Easy to Use Non-toxic formula ensures safety for users and is easy to handle with no special storage requirements.
High Performance More effective than conventional acid-based products in dissolving stubborn residues like concrete and efflorescence.
Applications Versatile in use, from removing concrete smears to cleaning rust and tile grout, and preparing concrete surfaces.

Usage Instructions: Apply Viper as needed based on the type of cleaning task. For tough stains like concrete or calcium, apply after lightly wetting the surface, wait, and rinse thoroughly. Always conduct a test patch on sensitive materials and follow specific instructions for each application to ensure best results.

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750mil, 5L

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