Product: Weldcrete 15L


Introducing Cementaid Weldcrete: Enhance Your Concrete’s Performance

Introducing Cementaid Weldcrete, your go-to solution for enhancing the bonding, durability, and water resistance of concrete in a myriad of applications. Weldcrete is a versatile, water-resistant concrete bonding agent and additive that promises exceptional performance across a range of construction needs. From construction joints and cement renders to industrial flooring and protective coatings, Weldcrete is the perfect choice for professionals seeking reliability and efficacy in their materials.


Key Features of Cementaid Weldcrete

Feature Description
Exceptional Adhesion Achieves unparalleled bonding to various substrates, including dense or waterproof concretes, for long-lasting results.
Water and Damp Resistance Provides superior resistance to water and water vapor, preventing dampness and associated damage.
Versatile Application Suitable for various applications, from thin layers to tough, flexible industrial uses.
Chemical Resistance Enhances the chemical resistance of surfaces, ideal for harsh environments.

How to Use Cementaid Weldcrete

  • Preparation: Clean surfaces thoroughly to remove loose materials for optimal adhesion.
  • Application Techniques:
    • Damp Resisting Barrier / Undercoat: Apply in at least two layers on pre-dampened substrates, allowing drying between applications.
    • Weldcrete-Modified Mortars: Substitute gauging water with Weldcrete for renders and screeds, 3-7 litres per 20kg of cement.
    • Bonding Agent: Apply directly onto pre-dampened substrates and proceed with render or topping while still wet.
  • Special Considerations: Ensure the bond-coat does not dry before application of subsequent layers. In severely damp areas, additional coats may be necessary.

Where to Use Cementaid Weldcrete

  • Bonding new to existing concrete surfaces
  • Chemical-resistant renders and toppings
  • Damp-proof undercoats for paintwork
  • Industrial flooring with enhanced chemical resistance
  • Protective linings for effluent ducts

Choose Cementaid Weldcrete for Your Next Project

With its superior bonding, durability, and water resistance, Cementaid Weldcrete is ideal for a wide range of construction applications, ensuring both the functionality and longevity of your concrete surfaces.

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