Product: Xylene 15L


Unlock Cleaning Efficiency with XYLENE

XYLENE is a versatile, mobile, and penetrating solvent ideal for diluting and removing solvent-based sealers and surface treatments. It is perfect for cleaning tools and equipment used with products like Cementaid ROKITE PR, DRIWAL P6, SLATE SEALER, LB9, SILICONE S50, and CALRES 120. Its strong solvent properties make it an indispensable resource in construction and maintenance processes, ensuring thorough cleaning and effective removal of residues, thus prolonging the life and efficacy of tools and surfaces.


Key Benefits and Applications of XYLENE

Aspect Detail
Effective Solvent Penetrates and removes solvent-based sealers and surface treatments effectively.
Versatile Cleaner Cleans tools and equipment thoroughly, preserving their condition and performance.
Application Ideal for diluting and removing various solvent-based treatments and cleaning tools after application. Requires well-ventilated conditions.
Safety Precautions Highly flammable; use with NO SMOKING and NO NAKED FLAME. Employ protective gear and suitable breathing equipment.
Storage & Handling Store in a cool, well-ventilated area. Use proper methods for spill management and fire extinguishing.
Specification Instructions Include usage of XYLENE as a solvent and cleaner in project specifications, adhering to all safety and storage guidelines.

XYLENE is an essential solvent and cleaner, crucial for maintaining the efficacy of construction and maintenance workflows. It ensures optimal cleaning and treatment removal while adhering to safety standards, making it an indispensable tool in various industrial applications.

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